Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

For centuries, infectious diseases - such as smallpox, plague, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and influenza - have led to epidemics that in many cases altered the course of history. New infectious diseases, such as AIDS and SARS, have emerged in recent years while established disease agents continue to mutate, adapt, and improve their ability to cause disease. These changes require continuous and vigilant monitoring of worldwide infectious disease outbreaks to reduce and prevent the potentially devastating effects of widespread epidemics - human fatalities and illness, reduced productivity, and negative economic impact. In addition, rigorous, targeted research initiatives are critical for identifying and developing effective treatments and vaccines for the world's most potentially serious diseases.

Southern Research maintains an advanced, well-established Infectious Disease Research program comprised of experienced scientists focused on studying disease-causing mechanisms for many of the world's most important pathogens. Our comprehensive and diverse program includes anti-infective drug and vaccine discovery, preclinical drug development, and robust basic research initiatives in virology, bacteriology, and immunology. Our research initiatives are developed to meet the specific objectives of our government and commercial clients, and our primary focus is to provide timely and efficient drug discovery and development services that address FDA guidelines for preclinical drug and vaccine development.

Southern Research scientific teams are focused on identifying infectious agent targets and the development of effective drugs, while other teams at Southern Research are engaged in the development and maintenance of in vitro and in vivo disease models for the evaluation of potential new drug candidates. In addition, our immunology laboratories support both government and commercial clients in the preclinical development of vaccines and therapeutics, and we specialize in performing immunogenicity studies with vaccines, adjuvants, and cytokines in various animal model systems including nonhuman primates and mice.

The primary Infectious Disease Research programs encompassing these diverse capabilities and initiatives include:

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