Thermochemical Conversion

Thermochemical Conversion

Southern Research offers extensive experience and expertise in utilizing gasification and pyrolysis technologies for the cost-effective thermochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels, coal and coal-biomass to syngas, and syngas to liquids. Gasification involves heating biomass with approximately one-third of the oxygen necessary for complete combustion; this technology produces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen called syngas. Pyrolysis is a process that heats biomass in the absence of oxygen, producing a liquid bio-oil. Syngas and bio-oil can either be used alone or converted to clean fuels and other useful chemicals.

For more than a decade, Southern Research has supported demonstration and testing of coal and coal-biomass gasification at the National Carbon Capture Center (formerly the Power Systems Development Facility) in Wilsonville, AL. With more than 10 years of experience in gasification, pyrolysis, and related technologies, Southern Research operates one of the first fully integrated biorefineries in the world at our North Carolina location for the conversion of biomass resources to liquid transportation fuels, syngas, and chemicals. In addition, we offer more than three decades of experience in the conversion of syngas to liquids and related technologies. As such, our experienced scientists and engineers are engaged in the operation and testing of one of the first fully integrated systems for conversion of biomass to syngas and conversion of the clean syngas to diesel and waxes.

Our expertise in thermochemical conversion is comprised of the following diverse capabilities:

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