Gas Cleaning

Biomass Syngas Cleaning

The lack of effective syngas clean-up and conditioning systems is a key technical barrier to the commercialization of biomass gasification technologies, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Southern Research directly addresses this need with our extensive experience and innovation in syngas cleaning technology, including expertise with syngas scrubbers and alternative syngas cleaning systems for tars, solids, sulfur, and CO2 removal.

Biomass syngas presents contaminant clean-up challenges, including the need to significantly and consistently reduce high concentrations of tars and other contaminants when liquid fuel conversion technologies are used. For example, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and other syngas conversion processes use catalysts that are easily rendered ineffective by the large quantities of tars contained in biomass syngas. This issue may require the use of advanced syngas cleaning systems capable of consistently providing the level of deep cleaning that catalytic conversion processes demand. Platforms that convert biomass syngas into electrical power, or that use unique gasifiers that produce low contaminants (e.g., high-temperature gasifiers), may allow for simpler syngas clean-up systems.

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