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In-Field Technologies Evaluation

A final and critical step in the cycle of technology development and commercialization is the field deployment and demonstration of new technologies in a real-world application. Field demonstration and evaluation provides vendors a showcase for commercial applications and also provides purchasers, end-users, regulators, investors, and others an opportunity to see how the technology works beyond a controlled laboratory setting.

Southern Research provides demonstration program management and independent, high-quality field testing capabilities for a variety of advanced energy, air pollution control, and clean technologies; specifically, we evaluate these technologies for their energy, environmental, operational, and economic performance. Our focus is on novel, near-commercial technologies in the renewable energy, distributed generation, combined heat and power, clean industrial process, oil and gas, transportation, and other technology areas.

Specialized Expertise/Comprehensive Evaluations

For the past 16 years, the Southern Research field demonstration team has developed specialized expertise focused on measurement and assessment during in-use operation of real-world operating scenarios. Our staff of project managers, test engineers, and field technicians implements short-duration controlled tests in the field that are focused on evaluation of technologies at certain conditions; in addition, we provide long-term monitoring and remote data collection for periods of a year or more. Southern Research test engineers design testing and monitoring programs specific to each technology based on existing standards and protocols, where available. Moreover, our field testing programs provide independent, valid, and reliable data regarding the performance and impacts of novel, unproven technologies in their planned operating environments. We offer proven expertise in the following types of evaluations:

  • Electric power generation
  • Power quality
  • Electrical efficiency
  • Thermal efficiency/COP
  • Emissions (criteria, greenhouse gas (GHG), toxics)
  • Reliability, availability
  • Economics (payback, ROI, capital costs, operating costs)
  • Process operational performance

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