Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Offsets

Increasingly, the EPA, private industry, and investors require reporting, accounting, and documenting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial facilities and agencies. Southern Research offers proven expertise in developing consistent, complete, and accurate greenhouse gas emissions inventories for large multi-facility institutions and agencies, including ports, fleets, buildings, and municipalities.

Specifically, Southern Research utilizes standard GHG inventory protocols to ensure that our clients' inventory information will meet auditing and reporting requirements. Our full range of capabilities includes:

  • Develop GHG emission inventories for small to large facilities, including source identification, boundary specification, data collection, and development of emission estimates
  • Assist in the identification of greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies and technologies
  • Lead the evaluation of strategy or GHG mitigation technology feasibility and impacts
  • Develop estimates of GHG emission offsets from a variety of mitigation projects and technologies
  • Develop measurement and verification plans and independent test programs to verify emission reductions associated with specific projects and technologies for both strategic planning and potential GHG offset accounting requirements

Representative Project

PANYNJ (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutant Emission Inventories - 2006, 2007, and 2008. The Southern Research team developed the first (2006) and annual updates (2007, 2008) to the GHG and criteria pollutant emission inventories for Port Authority facilities and operations. In addition, the consulting team developed and implemented calculation tools that allow for annual tracking, updating, and reporting of GHG and criteria pollutant emissions. Our experienced team provided training and documentation for the inventory calculations and data collection to PANYNJ staff, as well as data management recommendations to improve the inventory process.

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