SCR Catalyst Testing

Beginning in 2013, Southern Research will offer independent, bench-scale testing of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts at our newly constructed Bench-Scale SCR Catalyst Testing Facility designed to the highest industry standards. Supported by our skill and experience in independent catalysts testing, this facility will provide utilities and catalyst managers with the information they need to make important decisions regarding the SCR catalysts they manage. These services will complement our established standard and non-standard micro-reactor testing of SCR catalysts.

Rigorous Testing Standards and Comprehensive Capabilities

All testing is performed according to VGB guidelines, the industry-accepted standard protocol, to ensure the highest levels of validity and reliability for our clients. Our comprehensive SCR catalyst testing capabilities include:

  • Determination of SCR catalyst de-NOx activity
  • Determination of SO2-to-SO3 conversion rates
  • Physical dimension measurements of catalyst blocks to evaluate structural integrity
  • Surface and bulk analysis using X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • Determination of catalyst-specific surface area (by the BET method) and pore-size distribution

Micro-Reactor SCR Catalyst Testing Facilities

Micro-reactor testing is currently performed in state-of-the-art Micro-Reactor SCR Catalyst Testing Facilities that provide standard micro-reactor deNOx testing, SO2-to-SO3 conversion, and Hg oxidation testing across SCR catalysts. Testing in these facilities also follow VGB guidelines and offers an alternative to full bench testing of SCR catalysts. The micro-reactor testing facilities are also an excellent choice for performing standard testing of SCR catalysts for combined-cycle plants and testing CO oxidation catalysts. Additionally, the micro-reactor is well-suited for performing Hg-oxidation testing.

Bench-Scale SCR Catalyst Testing Facility

Southern Research is currently planning a state-of-the-art Bench-Scale SCR Catalyst Testing Facility designed according to the highest industry standards and capabilities in bench testing. This advanced facility, to be located at Southern Research in Birmingham, AL, will provide the industry with the capacity needed for independent, high-quality catalyst testing and exceptionally fast turnaround times.

Advance Commitments for Bench-Scale Testing

Southern Research is currently accepting advance commitments for catalyst testing at the new Bench-Scale SCR Catalyst Testing Facility upon its opening.