Air Pollution Control

Air Pollution Control

Southern Research is an international leader in air pollution measurement and control. Through field and laboratory investigations conducted for a diverse mix of clients, we have earned a reputation for excellence in particulate control research and have developed a broad range of emissions measurement capabilities. Southern Research is responsible for many of the major advancements in particulate emissions measurement over the past 40 years. In particular, we invented, designed, or developed a number of reference methods and devices now widely used in the industry.

Distinctive Expertise/Capabilities

We have conducted extensive research programs to determine the mechanisms that limit the performance of emissions control devices; these research programs include field tests at hundreds of industrial sites as well as long-term operation of pilot-scale test facilities at electric power plants. Our experience includes:

  • Particulate collection with wet and dry electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters
  • NOx control with selective catalytic reduction
  • Mercury control with sorbent addition
  • - SO2 removal processes
  • Integrated multi-pollutant control systems

In addition, Southern Research has unique laboratory and field capabilities that can be applied to control device troubleshooting and upgrading efforts. Our specialized diagnostic capabilities include:

  • Computer models of control device performance and dust properties to enable science-based engineering assessments of retrofit options
  • Extensive database for control device performance correlations
  • Small-scale sidestream devices for evaluation of flue gas conditioning and fabric filter operation
  • Wind tunnel test facilities
  • Analytical laboratories

Our reputation of accomplishment in emissions measurement and control is based on our ability to combine valid data with accurate scientific diagnoses and practical recommendations. We understand both the practical and theoretical sides of particulate emissions measurement and associated control device evaluations, and we have the experience and tools to propose and implement effective solutions. Moreover, our not-for-profit status enables us to provide independent testing and unbiased solutions to our industry and government clients.

Our diverse range of capabilities in air pollution measurement and control includes:

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