Southern Research Drug Discovery

The Drug Discovery Division conducts basic and translational research with a focus in oncology, infectious diseases and neuroscience. With a faculty and staff of approximately 75 scientists, we emphasize cutting-edge research on novel mechanisms and challenging targets with the goal of identifying new drugs for today’s most significant healthcare challenges.

In addition to our internal research efforts, the Division participates in many academic and industrial collaborations and research partnerships. And through the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance, our work with investigators from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has resulted in a number of potential new drug therapies.

The Division is partially funded by multiple institutional and investigator grants from the National Institutes of Health and other federal institutions, including the Department of Defense. In addition, we have secured competitive funding from a range of private foundations including The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, The Bright House Foundation, The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, and The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

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Infectious Disease Drug Discovery
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Southern Research’s Drug Discovery Division welcomes collaboration opportunities
with both academic and industrial research partners.

ADDA Discovery Pipeline

Through the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance (ADDA), Southern Research collaborates closely with researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to leverage the strengths and capabilities of both institutions in addressing unmet medical needs. Established in 2008, the ADDA facilitates and expedites the discovery and development of new drug therapies.

Through internal and external funding sources, the ADDA advances promising discovery research originating in UAB and Southern Research labs through pre-clinical development. The alliance emphasizes research in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, and CNS/neurological disorders, but also considers other programs in areas of unmet medical need.

Southern Research Discovery Pipeline

Therapy for Chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections

We are developing an engineered version of the filamentous Pf phage for the treatment of biofilm-related chronic P. aeruginosa infections. While highly resistant to antibiotics, P. aeruginosa biofilms are very accessible to Pf phage since Pf is normally found in biofilms. We are designing the phage to disrupt biofilms after infection. The engineered phage will destabilize the entire biofilm and induce its dispersion, making the P. aeruginosa susceptible to host immune defenses and lower-dose antibiotic treatment.


SRI-22138 for Pain

We have identified a series of opioid compounds with a greatly reduced side effect profile as compared to classic opioids such as morphine. SRI-22138 is the lead compound with strong agonism at the mu receptor subtype and strong antagonism at the delta receptor subtype. In vivo studies have shown that SRI-22138 has greatly reduced tolerance induction and abuse liability as compared to morphine.


PD1 Small Molecule Inhibitors for Oncology

Small molecule and peptide inhibitors of immune checkpoint systems offer several advantages over monoclonal antibodies, including lower cost and the potential for oral and topical uses. These advantages have the potential to increase the range of indications for these inhibitors beyond oncology. We have designed a series of peptides that inhibit PD1-PDL1 binding in a dose-dependent manner. Efforts are now underway to identify a peptide that is optimized for size, efficacy and stability.

We have also conducted a pilot high-throughput screen and identified several confirmed hits. Plans are underway to conduct a larger screen of 250,000 compounds.

Patents & Publications

DDS Patents Q3 2016


  • “Methods and Compositions for Inhibiting PD-1:PD-L1 Interaction”
  • “Benzimidazole Compounds, Use as Inhibitors of WNT Signaling Pathway in Cancers, and Methods for Preparation Thereof”
  • “Pyrrolopyrimidine Compounds, Use as Inhibitors of the Kinase LRRK2, and Methods for Preparation Thereof”
  • “Synergistic Effect of Gefitinib and MEK1 Inhibitors in Colon Cancer”
  • “Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus”



  • “Antiviral Agents” (Norovirus Compounds); PCT – WO2016094361 6/16
  • “Heterocyclic Compounds as Biogenic Amine Transport Modulators”; US 20160159809 6/16; PCT – WO2016090296 6/16
  • “Novel Quinazolines as Biogenic Amine Transport Modulators”; US 20160159751 6/16; PCT – WO2016090299 6/16
  • “Small Molecules That Enhance the Activity of Oligonucleotides”; PCT – WO2016003816 1/16
  • “Inhibitors of Hepatocyte Growth Factor [HGF] and Macrophage Stimulating Protein Maturation”; PCT – WO2015184222 3/15
  • “Urea and Amide Derivatives of Aminoalkylpiperazines and Use Thereof” US 20150232435 4/14; PCT – WO2014059265 4/14
  • “Compounds, Compositions and Methods for the Treatment of Diseases Through inhibiting TGF- Activity”. US Pub # 20140336115; PCT – WO2014183018 11/14



  • “Substituted Pyridine and Pyrimidine Derivatives and their use in Treating Viral Infections”. #9,433,621
  • “Antiviral Agents”. #9,375,419
  • “Derivatives of Sulindac, Use Thereof and Preparation Thereof”. #9,365,528
  • “Compounds, Compositions and Methods for the Treatment of Diseases Through Inhibiting TGF-.beta. Activity”. #9,353,149
  • “Heterocycle-Fused Morphinans, Use Thereof and Preparation Thereof” #9,163,030
  • “Substituted Pyridine and Pyrimidine Derivatives and their use in Treating Viral Infections”. #8,697,694
2016 Publications

The dopamine D3 receptor anatagonist, SR 1502, facilitates extinction of cocaine conditioned place preference.

Galaj, E.; Haynes, J.; Nisanov, R.; Ananthan, S.; Ranaldi, R.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2016, 159, 263-266

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Alpha-Ketobenzothiazole serine protease inhibitors of aberrant HGF/c-MET and MSP/RON kinase pathway signaling in cancer.

Han, Z.; Harris, P. K.; Karmakar, P.; Kim, T.; Owusu, B. Y.; Wildman, S. A.; Klampfer, L.; Janetka, J. W.

ChemMedChem 2016, 11, 585-599.

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A novel oxazole bearing analogue of combretastatin A-4, disrupts the tumor vasculatures and inhibits the tumor growth via inhibiting tubulin polymerization.

Han, F.; Wang, P.; Zhang, W.; Li, J.; Zhang, Q.; Qi, X.; Liu, M. CA-1H

Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2016, 80:151-161.

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Pramipexole at a low dose induced beneficial effect in the Harmaline-induced model of essential tremor in rats.

Kosmowska, B.; Wardas, J.; Glowacka, U.; Ananthan, S.; Ossowska, K.

CNS Neurosci. Ther. 2016, 22, 53-62.

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Identification of quinazoline compounds as novel potent inhibitors of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in colorectal cancer cells.

Li, Y.; Lu, W.; Saini, S.K.; Moukha-Chafiq, O.; Pathak, V.; Ananthan, S.

Oncotarget. 2016, 7, 11263-11270.

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Inhibition of Transforming growth factor-beta activation diminishes tumor progression and osteolytic bone disease in mouse models of multiple myeloma.

Lu, A.; Pallero, M.A.; Lei, W.; Hong, H.; Yang, Y.; Suto, M.J.; Murphy-Ullrich, J.E.

Am. J. Pathol 2016, 186, 678-690.

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Part 1: Notch-sparing gamma-secretase inhibitors: The identification of novel naphthyl and benzofuranyl amide analogs.

Lu, D.; Wei, H. X.; Zhang, J.; Gu, Y.; Osenkowski, P.; Ye, W.; Selkoe, D. J.; Wolfe, M.S.; Augelli-Szafran, C.E.

Bioorgan. Med. Chem. Lett 2016, 26, 2129-2132.

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Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology and Its Application in High-Throughput RNA Interference Screening.

Nebane, N. M.; Coric, T.; McKellip, S.; Woods, L.; Sosa, M.; Rasmussen, L.; Bjornsti, M. A.; White, E. L.

J Lab Autom. 2016, 21, 198-203.

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An immature myeloid-myeloid-suppressor cell response associated with necrotizing inflammation mediates lethal pulmonary tularemia.

Periasamy, S.; Avram, D.; McCabe, A.; MacNamara, K.C.; Sellati, T.J.; Harton, J.A.

PloS Pathog. 2016 Mar 25, 12(3).

Click here to download pdf.


Acoustic droplet ejection applications for high-throughput screening of infectious agents.

Rasmussen, L.; White, E.L.; Bostwick, J.R.

J Lab Autom. 2016, 21, 188-197.

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Identification of initial leads directed at the calmodulin-binding region on the SRC-SH2 domain that exhibit anti-proliferation activity against pancreatic cancer.

Tzou, Y.M.; Bailey, S.K.; Yuan, K.; Shin, R.; Zhang, W.; Chen, Y.; Singh, R.K.; Shevde, L.A.; Rama, K.N.

Bioorgan. Med. Chem. Lett. 2016, 26, 1237-1244.

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Design and Synthesis of nonpeptide inhibitors of hepatocyte growth factor activation.

Venukadasula, P.K.; Owusu, B.Y.; Bansal, N.; Ross, L.J.; Hobrath, J.V.; Bao, D.; Truss, J. W.; Stackhouse, M.; Messick, T.E.; Klampfer, L.; Galemmo, R.A., Jr.

ACS Med. Chem. Lett 2016, 7, 177-181.

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Part 2. Notch-sparing gamma-secretase inhibitors: The study of novel gamma-amino naphthol alcohols.

Wei, H.X.; Lu, D.; Sun, V.; Zhang, J.; Gu, Y.; Osenkowski, P.; Ye, W.; Selkoe, D.J.; Wolfe, M.S.; Augelli-Szafran, C.E.

Bioorgan. Med. Chem. Lett 2016, 26, 2133-2137.

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Part 3: Notch-sparing gamma-secretase inhibitors: SAR studies of 2-substituted aminopyridopyrimidinones.

Zhang, J.; Lu, D.; Wei, H.X.; Gu, Y.; Selkoe, D.J.; Wolfe, M.S.; Augelli-Szafran, C.E.

Chem. Lett 2016, 26, 2138-2141.

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Discovery of novel allosteric Eg5 inhibitors through structure-based virtual screening.

Zhang, W.; Zhai, L.; Lu, W.; Boohaker, R.J.; Padmalayam, I.; Li, Y.

Chem. Biol. Drug Des 2016. doi: 10.1111/cbdd.12744.

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Discovery of a novel inhibitor of kinesin like protein KIFC1.

Zhang, W.; Zhai, L.; Wang, Y.; Boohaker, R.J.; Lu, W.; Gupta, V.V.; Padmalayam, I.; Bostwick, R.J.; White, E.L.; Ross, L.J.; Maddry, J.; Ananthan, S.; Augelli-Szafran, C. E.; Suto, M. J.; Xu, B.; Li, R.; Li, Y.

Biochem. J 2016, 473, 1027-1035.

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A novel cell-based assay to measure activity of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus nsP2 protease.

Campos-Gomez, J.; Ahmad, F.; Rodriguez, E.; Saeed, M. F.

Virology 2016, 496, 77-89.

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Consortia’s critical role in developing medical countermeasures for re-emerging viral infections: a USA perspective.

Everts, M.; Suto, M. J.; Painter, G. R.; Whitley, R. J.

Future. Virol. 2016, 11, 187-195.



 Tanzawaic Acids, a Chemically Novel Set of Bacterial Conjugation Inhibitors.

Getino, M.; Fernandez-Lopez, R.; Palencia-Gandara, C.; Campos-Gomez, J.; Sanchez-Lopez, J. M.; Martinez, M.; Fernandez, A.; de la Cruz, C. F.

ONE. 2016, 11, e0148098.

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Pf Filamentous Phage Requires UvrD for Replication in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Martinez, E.; Campos-Gomez, J.

mSphere. 2016, 1(1) pii: e00104-15.

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Discovery of Clinically Approved Agents That Promote Suppression of CFTR Nonsense Mutations.

Mutyam, V.; Du, M.; Xue, X.; Keeling, K. M.; White, E. L.; Bostwick, J. R.; Rasmussen, L.; Liu, B.; Mazur, M.; Hong, J. S.; Falk, L. E.; Liang, F.; Shang, H.; Mense, M.; Suto, M. J.; Bedwell, D. M.; Rowe, S. M.

Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2016, 194: 1092-1103

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis High-Throughput Screening.

White, E. L.; Tower, N. A.; Rasmussen, L.

Methods Mol. Biol. 2016, 1439, 181-195.

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Inhibition of pro-HGF activation by SRI31215, a novel approach to block oncogenic HGF/MET signaling. 

Owusu, B.Y.; Bansal, N.; Venukadasula, P.K.; Ross, L.J.; Messick, T.E.; Goel, S.; Galemmo, R.A.; Klampfer, L.

Oncotarget. 2016, 7(20):29492-506.

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A sensitive virus yield assay for evaluation of Antivirals against Zika Virus.

Goebel, S.; Snyder, B.; Sellati, S.; Saeed, M.; Ptak, R.; Murray, M.; Bostwick, R.; Rayner, J.; Koide, F.; Kalkeri, R.

J. Virological Methods 2016, 238:13–20.

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Homology modeling of Homo sapiens Lipoic acid Synthase: substrate docking and insights on its binding mode

Krishnamoorthy, E.; Hassan,S.; Hanna, L.E.; Padmalayam, I.; Rajaram, R.; Viswanathan, V.

J. Theoretical Biol. 2016, doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2016.09.005.

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Niclosamide and its analogs are potent inhibitors of Wnt/beta-catenin, mTOR and STAT3 signaling in ovarian cancer.

Arend, R. C., Londono-Joshi, A. I., Gangrade, A., Katre, A. A., Kurpad, C., Li, Y., Samant, R. S., Li, P. K., Landen, C. N., Yang, E. S., Hidalgo, B., Alvarez, R. D., Straughn, J. M., Forero, A., and Buchsbaum, D. J. (2016)

Oncotarget 2016, 7:86803-86815

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Recent progress in the combination treatment of radiotherapy and PD-1/PD-L1 signaling blockade immunotherapy

Shang Cai, S., Tian, Y., Xu, B.

Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection, 2016, 3:235-240

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Novel Organophosphate Ligand O-(2-Fluoroethyl)-O- (p-Nitrophenyl)Methyl- phosphonate: Synthesis, Hydrolytic Stability and Analysis of the Inhibition and Reactivation of Cholinesterases.

Chao, C. K., Ahmed, S. K., Gerdes, J. M., and Thompson, C. M.

Chemical research in toxicology 29, 1810-1817

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Diverse arrestin-recruiting and endocytic profiles of tricyclic antipsychotics acting as direct alpha2A adrenergic receptor ligands.

Cottingham, C., Che, P., Zhang, W., Wang, H., Wang, R. X., Percival, S., Birky, T., Zhou, L., Jiao, K., and Wang, Q. (2016)

Neuropharmacology 116, 38-49

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SRI36160 is a specific inhibitor of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in human pancreatic and colorectal cancer cells.

Li, Y., Oliver, P. G., Lu, W., Pathak, V., Sridharan, S., Augelli-Szafran, C. E., Buchsbaum, D. J., and Suto, M. J. (2016)

Cancer Letters 389, 41-48

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Oxylipins produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa promote biofilm formation and virulence.

Martinez, E., and Campos-Gomez, J. (2016)

Nature Communications 7, 13823

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CTXɸ: Exploring new alternatives in host factor-mediated filamentous phage replications.

Martinez, E., Campos-Gomez, J., and Barre, F. X. (2016)

Bacteriophage 6, e1128512

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Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Human Cytochrome c Oxidase That Target Chemoresistant Glioma Cells.

Oliva, C. R., Markert, T., Ross, L. J., White, E. L., Rasmussen, L., Zhang, W., Everts, M., Moellering, D. R., Bailey, S. M., Suto, M. J., and Griguer, C. E. (2016)

The Journal of biological chemistry 291, 24188-24199

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Lipoxin A4, a 5-lipoxygenase pathway metabolite, modulates immune response during acute respiratory tularemia.

Singh, A., Rahman, T., Bartiss, R., Arabshahi, A., Prasain, J., Barnes, S., Musteata, F. M., and Sellati, T. J. (2016)

J. Theoretical Biol. 2016, doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2016.09.005.

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Targeting GLI by GANT61 involves mechanisms dependent on inhibition of both transcription and DNA licensing.

Zhang, R., Wu, J., Ferrandon, S., Glowacki, K. J., and Houghton, J. A. (2016)

Oncotarget 7: 80190-80207

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2015 Publications

5HT1a receptor binding affinities of a series of serotonin transporter (SERT) inhibitors and related thermodynamic insights.

Alfonsino GE; Santagati A; Baile L; Novellino E; Gaul C; Squires C; Braden M; Gerdes JM; Silanes SP; Guccione S; Parker KK.

Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015, 4:1-12.

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Benzimidazole analogs inhibit respiratory syncytial virus G protein function.

Evans, C. W.; Atkins, C.; Pathak, A.; Gilbert, B. E.; Noah, J. W.

Antiviral Res. 2015, 121, 31-38.

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Radiosynthesis, Rodent and Non-human Primate Studies of a Novel PET Tracer for the Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter 2 (EAAT2) in the CNS.

Gerdes J; Ahmed S; Braden M; Blecha J; VanBrocklin H.

Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2015, 56 (S3):1100.

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Cks1 proteasomal degradation is induced by inhibiting Hsp90-mediated chaperoning in cancer cells.

Khattar, V.; Fried, J.; Xu, B.; Thottassery, J. V.

Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 2015, 75, 411-420.

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Phosphodiesterase 10A: A Novel Target for Selective Inhibition of Colon Tumor Cell Growth and ß-catenin-dependent TCF transcriptional activity.

Li, N.; Lee, K.; Xi, Y.; Zhu, B.; Gary, B. D.; Ramirez-Alcantara, V.; Gurpinar, E.; Canzoneri, J. C.; Fajardo, A.; Sigler, S.; Piazza, J. T.; Chen, X.; Andrews, J.; Thomas, M.; Lu, W.; Li, Y.; Laan, D. J.; Moyer, M. P.; Russo, S.; Eberhardt, B. T.; Yet, L.; Keeton, A. B.; Grizzle, W. E.; Piazza, G. A.

Oncogene 2015, 34, 1499-1509.

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Identification of a Novel HIV-1 Inhibitor Targeting Vif-dependent Degradation of Human APOBEC3G.

Pery, E.; Sheehy, A.; Nebane, N. M.; Brazier, A. J.; Misra, V.; Rajendran, K. S.; Buhrlage, S. J.; Mankowski, M. K.; Rasmussen, L.; White, E. L.; Ptak, R. G.; Gabuzda, D.

J. Biol. Chem. 2015, 290, 10504-10517

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Adapting high-throughput screening methods and assays for biocontainment laboratories.

Rasmussen, L.; Tigabu, B.; White, E. L.; Bostwick, R.; Tower, N.; Bukreyev, A.; Rockx, B.; LeDuc, J. W.; Noah, J. W.

Assay. Drug Dev. Technol. 2015, 13, 44-54.

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Effective qPCR Methodology to Quantify the Expression of Virulence Genes in Aeromnonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida.

Rivera, L.; López-Patiño, M. A.; Milton, D. L.; Nieto, T. P.; Farto, R.

Appl.Microbiol. 2015, 118, 792-802.

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Studies of the biogenic amine transporters 15. Identification of novel allosteric dopamine transporter ligands with nanomolar potency.

Rothman, R. B.; Ananthan, S.; Partilla, J. S.; Saini, S. K.; Moukha-Chafiq, O.; Pathak, V.; Baumann, M. H.

Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 2015, 353, 529-538.

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Advancing Biological Understanding and Therapeutics Discovery with Small-Molecule Probes.

Schreiber, S. L.; Kotz, J. D.; Li, M.; Aube, J.; Austin, C. P.; Reed, J. C.; Rosen, H.; White, E. L.; Sklar, L. A.; Lindsley, C. W.; Alexander, B. R.; Bittker, J. A.; Clemons, P. A.; de, S. A.; Foley, M. A.; Palmer, M.; Shamji, A. F.; Wawer, M. J.; McManus, O.; Wu, M.; Zou, B.; Yu, H.; Golden, J. E.; Schoenen, F. J.; Simeonov, A.; Jadhav, A.; Jackson, M. R.; Pinkerton, A. B.; Chung, T. D.; Griffin, P. R.; Cravatt, B. F.; Hodder, P. S.; Roush, W. R.; Roberts, E.; Chung, D. H.; Jonsson, C. B.; Noah, J. W.; Severson, W. E.; Ananthan, S.; Edwards, B.; Oprea, T. I.; Conn, P. J.; Hopkins, C. R.; Wood, M. R.; Stauffer, S. R.; Emmitte, K. A.

Cell 2015, 161, 1252-1265.

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Development of a human live attenuated West Nile infectious DNA vaccine: Conceptual design of the vaccine candidate.

Yamshchikov, V.

Virology 2015, 484, 59-68.

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High-throughput screening identifies small molecules that enhance the pharmacological effects of oligonucleotides.

Yang, B.; Ming, X.; Cao, C.; Laing, B.; Yuan, A.; Porter, M. A.; Hull-Ryde, E. A.; Maddry, J.; Suto, M.; Janzen, W. P.; Juliano, R. L.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2015, 43, 1987-1996.

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Elevated Aurora B expression contributes to chemoresistance and poor prognosis in breast cancer.

Zhang, Y.; Jiang, C.; Li, H.; Lu, F.; Li, X.; Qian, X.; Fu, L.; Xu, B.; Guo, X. Int.

J. Clin. Exp. Pathol. 2015, 8, 751-757.

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Mutation of the BRCA1 SQ-cluster results in aberrant mitosis, reduced homologous recombination, and a compensatory increase in non-homologous end joining.

Beckta, J. M.; Dever, S. M.; Gnawali, N.; Khalil, A.; Sule, A.; Golding, S. E.; Rosenberg, E.; Narayanan, A.; Kehn-Hall, K.; Xu, B.; Povirk, L. F.; Valerie, K.

Oncotarget 2015, 6:27674-27687.

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The selective dopamine D3 receptor antagonist, SR 21502, reduces cue-induced reinstatement of heroin seeking and heroin conditioned place preference in rats.

Galaj, E.; Manuszak, M.; Babic, S.; Ananthan, S.; Ranaldi, R.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015, 156:228-233

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K-Ras, intestinal homeostasis and colon cancer.

Goel, S.; Huang, J.; Klampfer, L.

Curr. Clin Pharmacol. 2015, 10:73-81.

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Prognostic and Predictive Significance of Stromal Fibroblasts and Macrophages in Colon Cancer.

Owusu, B. Y.; Vaid, M.; Kaler, P.; Klampfer, L.

Biomark. Cancer 2015, 7:29-37.

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Acoustic Droplet Ejection Applications for High-Throughput Screening of Infectious Agents.

Rasmussen, L.; White, E. L.; Bostwick, J. R.

J Lab Autom. 2016, 21:188-197.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Molecular Radiation Biology in the Era of Precision in Medicine.

Shang, C.; Ye, T.; Xu, B.

Chinese J of Radiation Oncology, 2015, 24:729-731.

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Suppression of beta-catenin/TCF transcriptional activity and colon tumor cell growth by dual inhibition of PDE5 and 10.

Li, N.; Chen, X.; Zhu, B.; Ramirez-Alcantara, V.; Canzoneri, J. C.; Lee, K.; Sigler, S.; Gary, B.; Li, Y.; Zhang, W.; Moyer, M. P.; Salter, E. A.; Wierzbicki, A.; Keeton, A. B.; Piazza, G. A.

Oncotarget 2015, 6:27403-27415.

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KIFC1 is a novel potential therapeutic target for breast cancer.

Li, Y.; Lu, W.; Chen, D.; Boohaker, R. J.; Zhai, L.; Padmalayam, I.; Wennerberg, K.; Xu, B.; Zhang, W.

Cancer Biol. Ther. 2015, 16:1316-1322

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Temperature-sensitive Polymersomes for Controlled Delivery of Anticancer Drugs.

Liu, F.; Kozlovskaya, V.; Medipelli, S.; Xue, B.; Ahmad, F.; Saeed, M.; Cropek, R.; Kharlampieva, E.

Chem. Mater. 2015, 27:7945-7956

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A radiosensitivity MiRNA signature validated by the TCGA database for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

Liu, N.; Boohaker, R. J.; Jiang, C.; Boohaker, J. R.; Xu, B.

Oncotarget. 2015, 6:34649-34657.

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Design and Synthesis of Nonpeptide Inhibitors of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activation.

Venukadasula, P.; Owusu, B. Y.; Bansal, N.; Ross, L. J.; Hobrath, J. V.; Bao, D.; Truss, J. W.; Stackhouse, M.; Messick, T.; Klampfer, L.; Galemmo, R. A., Jr.

ACS Med.Chem.Lett. Publication Date (Web) December 22, 2015

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Intracellular Degradable Hydrogel Cubes and Spheres for Anti-cancer Drug Delivery.

Xue, B.; Kozlovskaya, V.; Liu, F.; Chen, J.; Williams, J.; Campos-Gomez, J.; Saeed, M.; Kharlampieva, E.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2015, 7:13633-16344.

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A MicroRNA Expression Signature In Taxane-anthracycline-Based Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response.

Zheng, Y.; Li, S.; Boohaker, R. J.; Liu, X.; Zhu, Y.; Zhai, L.; Li, H.; Gu, F.; Fan, Y.; Lang, R.; Liu, F.; Qian, X.; Xu, B.; Fu, L.

J Cancer, 2015, 6:671-677.

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