The Breakthrough Fund


This is an exciting and critical time for Southern Research Institute's Drug Discovery Program as we face the increasing challenges and pressures of finding treatments and cures for cancer, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases and disorders. Southern Research is well known in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world for the quality of its research and success rate in producing drug candidates that have an extraordinarily high success rate of making it through FDA approval and into the market to benefit patients. The Institute has experienced unparalleled success in the discovery and development of anticancer drugs, focused on treating those patients who did not respond to past therapies. The vision of our leadership is to provide long-term research and discovery of life-saving drugs by enhancing existing labs, creating new labs, and endowing senior-level positions.

Another promising research area at Southern Research is Environment and Energy Technology Development. Southern Research has committed to supporting the development and optimization of technologies that will enable the use of alternative cleaner-burning fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a sustainable energy future through the use of renewable carbon resources such as waste and forest products.

Support of Southern Research's drug discovery program and environment and energy technology development efforts present unique philanthropic opportunities. Therefore, Southern Research has established The Breakthrough Fund, a means whereby our friends can contribute to our success.

Your tax-deductible donations will have significant impact on our ability to discover a drug that may save hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lives in the future; or, provide a solution that could improve the quality of our environment while sustaining our natural resources.

How to Make a Donation

You may make a tax-deductible donation my mailing your check directly to:

Southern Research Institute
Drawer 0375
PO Box 11407
Birmingham, AL 35246-0375

Please indicate if you would like for us to send you a confirmation of your donation and include your contact information.

If you have questions about the donations process, please contact John Sweeney at (205) 581-2913 or