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Next-generation electric utility power generation projects and cleaner air. Promising new drugs and vaccines. Composite materials and technologies that withstand the most demanding and extreme environments. Research that keeps our military and homeland safe and secure.

Southern Research focuses every day on life sciences, engineering, environmental, and energy projects that change the world. And, because of increasing demand for new solutions created through research, there has never been a better time to join our team.

The Southern Research team includes highly specialized and trained scientists, engineers, and support staff. This not only creates a mentoring environment for up-and-coming professionals, but provides added value to the clients we serve. Our true value lies in the synergy of the collective education and experience of our employees which allows Southern Research to create opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship in alignment with our mission.

Assistance for Persons Who are Disabled or Who Are Disabled Veterans: If you are an individual with a disability or are a disabled veteran and are in need of reasonable accommodation in order to access our job postings and/or express interest in an opening, we will be happy to assist you. Please call us as (800) 967-6774 (Extension 2728) or send us an e-mail to Be sure to tell us what type of assistance you need in order that we can help you more quickly. This phone number and e-mail are available only for persons who need assistance due to a disability or who are disabled veterans; please do not attempt to apply for employment using this email address unless you require special assistance to do so. Otherwise, to be considered for employment you must apply online as directed in the instructions above. Individuals who do otherwise and who have no need for special assistance or are not disabled veterans will not be considered for employment with Southern Research for any position.